Procurement Department


The core functions of Procurement Department include:

  1. To advice the Council on all matters pertaining to procurement.
  2. To propose regulations and procedures governing all aspects of the supplies task.
  3.  To ensure adherence to the regulations concerning supplies and that approved policies, procedures and systems are carried out efficiently and expeditiously.
  4.  To ensure that stocks are maintained at optimum levels.
  5.  To maintain proper records on approved documents of all the procurement requirements of the Council and keep them securely to prevent any misuse or abuse.
  6.  To determine surplus, redundant and obsolete stocks, or to scrap and arrange for their transfer or disposal to the best advantage of the School.
  7.  To ensure that all procurement procedures are followed.
  8.  To ensure that stock control policies are adhered to.
  9.  To ensure quality control, and that the policies, procedures and set standards are followed. To assess procedures and capability of suppliers to meet standards and ensure control of the quality of goods and services.
  10.  To ensure that the procurement regulations with regards to terms of credit, capital expenditure budgets, stock holdings and payment of bills are adhered to.


Our core values are:

  • Honesty
  • Enhancing Integrity in all business relationship both internal and external,
  • Guidance on confidentiality and accuracy of information,
  • Competence and Professionalism,
  • Transparency and Accountability.



 We undertake to:

  • Provide quality and effective service delivery to our clients.
  • Be accountable, timely and transparent in our delivery of service.
  • Ensure equity, fairness and justice in utilization of the available resources.
  • Formulate quality policies and procedures focusing on customer satisfaction,
  • Embrace professionalism and integrity.


You can complement us on our quality of service by:

  • Engaging us in constructive criticism
  • Participate in formulations of our quality policies and procedures that are customer oriented.
  • Pointing out non conformities in our operations and provide/suggest corrective and preventive measures to them.


We undertake to provide the following services:

  • Assist the clients identify their supplies/stores requirements by 30th of May every year through departmental work plans and where possible give samples of supplies
  • Ensure all items shall be procured subject to the availability of funds.
  • Ensure supplies shall be of correct quality, quantity and delivered timely. End users shall guarantee quality by signing the Quality Control Certificate to be designed.
  • Ensure Supplies required should be made available at the time they are needed for use to avoid inconveniences.
  • Ensure that Supplies shall be procured at reasonable prices with due regard to quality.  This entails seeking reasonable purchase prices and reducing related expenses such as transportation, inspection, handling, storage etc. and must be sanctioned by the relevant committees.
  • Ensure the firms selected to supply the materials shall be reliable and reputable in the market.
  • Ensure that all surplus, redundant, obsolete stocks and scrap are disposed to the best advantage of the Council and in accordance to the Public Procurement and Disposal Act.