Welcome Message From the CEO / Secretary

As you will be aware, the Council of Legal Education has been re-established under the Legal Education Act, No.27 of 2012 with the twin primary purposes of: Promoting legal education and training, and the maintenance of the highest possible standards in legal education providers; and the provision of a system to guarantee the quality of legal education and legal education providers. The new legislation for the first time re-establishes the Council as a dedicated regulator and supervisor of legal education in Kenya, segregating it from the Kenya School of Law which through parallel legislation has been set up as a Government agency for post-university professional legal training.

In this new role, the Council will play an important and critical role in: Regulating legal education and training in Kenya, Licencing legal education providers, Supervising legal education providers, Setting standards for accrediting legal education providers, Setting standards for curriculum and modular instruction, Setting standards for modes and quality of examinations, Setting standards for harmonization of legal education programmes in Kenya and the region, Monitoring and evaluation of legal education providers and programmes, and advising Government on matters relating to legal education and training

These are enormous tasks indeed and the Council has since January 2014 been busy putting in place the necessary resourses and infrastructure to implement this new mandate.  We have in earnest commenced the difficult task of engaging all segments of legal education providers, particularly universities and other tertiary institutions to assure the quality of legal education and training they provide.

We promise to engage with all stakeholders and the public to deliver this mandate and improve the delivery of professional legal services in this country.